Loving Tarot Guidance

“The more I read this analysis, the more I’m convinced she was in my brain momentarily” – D

“Alie does a great job of explaining how the cards correspond to each other as well as relate them back to whatever situation they may be applying to. Also I felt like I was listening to a friend give a reading she’s just so personable.” – SJ

“Fantastic reading! It was like sitting down and having a reading done by your BFF and them telling you how it is with no bs! Great reader I highly recommend!!” – C

Who Do You Want To Be?

I am a Spirit Warrior. You get to decide who you are. You are the only one who can.

How Are You Going To Get There?

I am ABSOLUTELY JAZZED about action points. I rock the to-do lists. Dayplanner, stickers and washi tape in hand, let’s GET SHIT DONE.

What Do You Need To Know?

I am your friend, and my tarot cards are your best friend. We will help you find YOUR questions.

Where Have You Been?

Life can’t always be rosewater and tea – always face past hardness and turn it to light lessons.

When Do You Need To Be Loved?

We may have never met, we may have grown up side-by-side. Regardless of your location, position, potential, or pride – I love YOU. Right now, I am here for YOU.

Also, Be Ready…

I am a huge nerd.



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